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Affordable Las Vegas Wedding Photography, all of my LasVegas weddings include copyright release at no extra charge.
A Budget minded wedding photographer in Las Vegas is hard to come by....I'm not cheap, just the right price! 2 hours $359
I can also help you find a Chapel, minister, officiant or reception location for your marriage...

Contact me for more info ~ voice or text (702) 274-0162 Paul Cichocki Photographer
 2 hour wedding & strip highlights photo tour is 2 hours = $359 ~ includes unlimited amount of photos...
on a USB flash drive that I hand to you at the end of the photo shoot ~ you get ALL the high res images.

Review all the pics on my laptop before paying deposit necessary to book - payment is cash at end
I've shot housands of weddings in Vegas ....

 $160 per additional hr (or $80 per additional 1/2 hr)
~ 1 1/2 hours $279 ~ 2 hours $359 ~ 2.5 hrs $439 ~ ~ 3 hrs $519 ~ ~ 4 hrs $679 ~

~all weddings include copyright own the images...
I supply the USB flash drive ~ scroll down for lots of photos & info
(typically in 2 hours we can get Venetian inside and out, Bellagio Fountain show + Paris Eiffel Tower, the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign, Strip plus  mebbe a little more)
(about 250 to 350 photos)

Neon Boneyard museum photos..(they charge a $250 to $500 space rental fee) ITS NOT FREE! see their website for details



Neon Museum Boneyard Las Vegas Wedding photographer low priced
I'm one of the More experienced yet LOWEST priced photographers in Las Vegas, if you book with me you get ME ......not some inexperienced greenhorn ....or someone that doesnt care....
I CARE about YOUR DAY Why am I priced so low? Little overhead, so I pass my savings onto you! plus...hey ....I LIKE TO GET DEALS...why wouldnt you?      I prefer working steady, not just a couple times a instead of $1000 to $3500 for a wedding photography rate starts @ $199 for 1rst hour and goes down after that! Includes copyright release, download to a USB flash drive, I photoshop 10 images per hour hired! I work hard to make great images in camera ...few people ask me to photoshop anything later...:-) and you get to do what you please with your photos!
I always use one or multiple portable remote flashes on stands for great light or night ...any size groups
for a studio lighted look! (not just lazy on camera flash ...your grandmother can do that!!!)

image above was taken @ The Cosmopolitan Hotel Casino, next to Bellagio, is a great place for a small intimate wedding at sunset
Fountain View Terrace Balcony Suite or any of the terrace suites on higher levels are great! you can get married on a balcony there by renting a room for the night & then hire an officiant (about $125-$175)
just dont mention it to Cosmo! they will try and upsell you their packages and tell you you cant do a ceremony in your room...the image at above left is the Neon Museum and to right Venetian Hotel

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Wedding Wire Couples Choice award 2015 Affordable Las Vegas Wedding photography

Hire me to meet up with you just after you're married & I will be glad to go around glamorous Las Vegas with you...for memorable images
with Las Vegas Strip landmarks, neon and lights...your reception or hotel suite party....etc...Im glad to drive if its just you two or 4 people...etc

TIME your wedding ceremony well so we can do photos at the perfet time! (plan a chapel ceremony about an hour or 1 1/2 hours before sunset) that way you'll be done and we can be taking photos just before susnet and into dusk...a gorgeous time for pictures here in Vegas
Here's the website to check Sunset time on any date...

I also photograph @ the Grand Canyon (heli-flight weddings),  Wedding party strip photo tours, bachelorette groups, business & corporate events, strip tour photos all thingsI do all the time!
Experienced, energetic and dependable, I come well dressed with a smile (no jeans!) , my equipment is CANON Professional I use a Canon  7D  for 20 megapixel images! (huge)
I use CANON lenses exclusively & bring my experience shooting pictures since 1986...from film / slides, darkroom and developing to advanced creative techniques...light painting, studio lighting, infrared, in camera effects etc...
I have done it all.

Contact friendly photographer = Paul Cichocki @ (702) 274-0162
or international text me on  or email me
Be sure to incldue THE DATE, YOUR NAME, A cell #, your Fiancees name, number of people for photos...and any pertinant details I may need to know...
I'm very busy most dates during sunset and plan ahead to book me well in advance!  I do know many photographers I can refer you to...should I be booked up on your date...

19 years full time photography experience ..... All weddings recieve FREE Photo copyright release (a $500 value) & High Resolution photos.
Don't pay until after youve looked at all your photos on my laptop! No Deposit necessary! I will be on time! I don't flake!
photos downloaded to USB flash drive that we supply, I will show you pictures often on my camera, I shoot in color & BW if you like! No hidden fees!

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Affordable Las Vegas
Wedding Photography 
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 I am on "WHATS APP" .
free world-wide cell phone texting, photo sharing, sms messenging  no text or additional charges! free app on google play
website and info HERE
older wedding images
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 here's a dropbox webgallery of mine with 540 recent fun images
Las Vegas popular wedding locations
 Off the beaten path
location photos of Las Vegas 
punk / rock n roll / grafitti

my photos are REAL PHOTOS of REAL PEOPLE of all shapes and sizes
many chapels do a big professional photo shoot then show it as  THIER typical photographers work...this is photography that they DONT offer in reality! It is just to hook u in.
Chapels usually charge $500 - $5000 for photos on only get PRINTS (normally 4x6s) a typical chapel package comes with like 5 or 6 photos of the ceremony.....
Here's a hidden fee...-->$60 to $100 tips for ministers and chapel photographers so check with them about thier HIDDEN fees....Im telling you this so you arent surprized when you arrive for your wedding ~
Flamingo Chapel for instance $399 is thier lowest priced wedding ceremony, plus $75 minister tip (mandatory)  $799 is thier cheapest photo package
Hire me and pay thier $150 outside photographer  fee..(planet hollywood chapel, Flamingo chapel both charge this amount to allow me to be present and photograph your ceremony...then YOU GET ALL THE PICS. ... I can shoot at the chapel ...instead of their photographer, get all photos and TONS more than you would through the chapel, plus they want additional $300-$1500 etc for a DVD digital versions! OUCH! info from summer of 2016~  the Lowest priced Caesars wedding package ios $2,200

affordable las vegas wedding photography by paul the photo guy
best las vegas wedding photographer
welcome to las vegas sign wedding chapel photographer affordable budget
las vegas weddings chapel minister cheap lowest price priced

Image enhanced using a 60s filter in photoshop and background blur

If you'll notice most all of my clients are having a great time! I like to make all my clients feel at ease...
this wedding took place at Red Rock Canyon 24 miles off the strip in the Spring Mountains

Andres and Liliana with a ferrari B&W colorized
this couple rented a vacation rental home and a Lamborghini for thier wedding day, this is one image they asked me to photoshop off thier budget came out nice! 
(B&W with Skin and reds being re-colored)

ELVIS weddings at the Las Vegas sign


Budget Wedding Photography
~ Strip Tour Packages ~

my minimum is 1 & 1/2 hours $279
unless I have another shoot booked that day...I can do as little as a one hour booking

aditional photography is further discounted
$160 additional per hour
 or $80 additional by 1/2 hour
generally in 2 hours we can get Vegas sign, Belalgio Fountains + Paris & Venetian + Strip

1 hour $199 
1 1/2 hours Photography $279

most popular is
      2 hours of Photos $359

2 1/2 hours Photography $439
       3 hours Photography $519
3 1/2 hours Photography $599
      4 hours Photography $679
4 1/2 hours Photography $759
      5 hours Photography $839

Budget Wedding photography includes
  • Experienced Professional Photographer Paul Cichocki  I shoot 150 to 275 photos per hour
  • Yes I will hop in your limo, tour the strip, walking photo tours on your special day! I do strip tours multiple times a  week! contact me
  • a USB Flash Drive with ALL of the images (unprocessed) at end of shoot.....
  • I supply the 8 GB SanDisc usb drive
  • yours to keep!!
  • Signed & dated Photographers release 
  • Print your own photos and save $$$
  • You get all the images instantly! 
  • I bring a Laptop for downloading images to CD or we can download them directly to your laptop using a card reader.
  • I bring portable studio flashes for great lighting under any on camera flash look!
  • Once you've gotten back home..choose out 10 or 15 pictures and I will be happy to photoshop / edit them for you.....just let me know what you want done :-) I will email you the enhanced versions back 
  • I will be happy to review all images with you as we're shooting them...and at the end on my laptop, cash  pay at the end, after were are done!
  • No need for a deposit!
  • I archive all of my photography forever! so if you have a computer crash or lose your images me and I will be happy to send you a back-up copy.... 
  • I have had the same cell number since 1993 and the same website and same email address
  • since 1996!!
  • I occasionally shoot black and white so you have variety...they turn out great!
  • YES I will go in your limo or party bus with your group to locations if you like!
Payment for budget photography 
  • Cash at end of photo session is standard
  • (once a client has the images ....I have no recourse ...especially with out of country no images released unless paid in full)
  • Credit Card / Debit = using your cell ph &  PAYPAL (you must have a paypal acct)
  • I can send you a PayPal request for funds from my Paypal Acct contact me for that option 
  • Pre- pay partial or all to break up expense, 100% refundable until day of wedding (after which $50 is kept for keeping the date open for you)
  • Checks not accepted for budget weddings unless I recieve them 7 days or more in advance 
  • to book a budget wedding shoot check with me for availability, if Im available tell me via email phone or text  BOOK IT! or YES we want you to shoot for us! please include a contact cell number :-)
  • Tipping is always very much appreciated but not mandatory.
  • In America, 10% or 15% gratuity is the norm,
  •                                                                    MAILING ADDRESS FOR CHECK PAYMENTS - I live 65 miles west of Las Vegas, in the Mojave Desert...- I drive into Vegas 250 times a year! no problem

    Paul Cichocki
    PO BOX 2992 Pahrump, NV 89041

    its a 1 hour commute for me..
    1000s & 1000s of weddings shot :-)
    Lets have a great day/night out on the town

Look at more than 500 recent and updated images of mine.... from around Las Vegas, Fremont street, neon boneyard, Bellagio, Paris, Vegas sign, the desert, Red Rock Canyon,
and other photo hot webgallery on DROPBOX below!


Officiant Pam Fullerton @

Pam Fullerton CALL: 702-721-VOWS (8697)
Pam is licensed by the state & does legal binding weddings in the state of NV
Vegas Vows for Free


Roland August

Roland August (702) 743-7021

Roland is licensed by the state & does legal binding weddings in the state of NV
Roland is TOTALLY into the idea of unions and is personally invested in eacc couple....
he REALLY fully believes in what he does....and realizes, how special the moments he spends with his couples, is.... Roland is an all around great guy and does excellent classy ceremonies ...
I highly reccomend him!

Roland also does ELVIS weddings...he has to be the happiest Elvis EVER.....always with a smile! Rolands wedding ceremonies start @ $150 on up...
check his website for current rates and package offers

Tim Ritchey legal NV Officiant 
as a Regular Officiant

Tim Ritchey Tribute as Elvis

Tim Ritchey (702) 810-8847 calls or text
Tim is licensed by the state & does legal binding weddings in the state of NV

Tim's EMAIL --->

youtube slideshow of Tim

Tim is a super nice guy, he does classy weddings at down to earth pricing, 
he also offers marriages as Elvis  $150.... 

and with music & singing of 3 Elvis songs with music/amp/mic $275....:-) 
Tim and I have worked toghether on many occasions, he likes to keep his ceremonies affordable, 
only $85 for his basic Ministering, Tim is always early and ready to go! 

neon museum bone yard las vegas Click to see some more photos ----Neon Boneyard Private photo sessions now available!
THEY charge $500 for a one hour time slot (plus my photography fee) 

for the South Gallery..they charge $250 for 1/2 hour time slot in their new North Gallery (smaller and available anytime)
(according to the Neon Boneyard event planner) see thier website   contact them deirect for details and to book a photoshoot there....
so far cheapest way is go there with your camera or Iphone and take the cheapie tour $18 per person and take your own snapshots...  they are open 9-5 every day, they reccomend 2 weeks atleast for advance reservations for shoots, they will not book last minute shoots! 

so plan well ahead... by several WEEKS to months!

las vegas nevada neon museum boneyard south galllery
fremont street las vegas wedding photos neon museum bone yard
best las vegas wedding photographer Paul Cichocki Neon Boneyard museum
las vegas wedding chapel photographers
fremont street wedding neon boneyard
the grove weddings and receptions minister

Jay is amazing in person! 
we talked about his cars of-course! This was for International Truck he did a 1 hr comedy show and meet and greet with VIPs

Rollie Fingers of the Oakland A's Baseball, this is at a Greg Mattox charity event, I also shot Rollies house when it went up for sale

Steve Yzerman 
Captain for 20 + yearsof the Detroit Redwings

my family
About Me....Paul Cichocki: of Polish / Hungarian descent..I have been shooting and processing images since 1986, professionally full time since 1997, I am easy going and personable, having worked for a multitude of years in Las Vegas, I've gained experience working under all situations, with everyone from celebities (I've met over 200 celebs while working as a busy corporate photographer in Las Vegas) to shooting for Forbes 500 corporations, to the smallest local clients...and people.
I have a wife of 12 years, 2 daughters ages 9 & 10, I'm a do-it-yourselfer that likes family camping, off roading, fishing, boating and restoring thingsI am originally from St Clair Shores Mich (near Detroit) and moved to Las Vegas in 1988 after a couple years in the US Army. my wife is from the Poconos in Pennsylvania,  I have 6 brothers and sisters, and family is important to me! I like to treat my customers like one of the family....I am not shy... and will try and raise your energy level for fun photos, by being as outgoing and funny as I can muster on the fly... I expend energy into my work....wait and see! 

I have a degree in Computer Graphic arts and worked with a prestigeous Las Vegas Photography Studio for 1 1/2 years before venturing out on my own as a professional Commercial Photographer (primarily architectural and studio work) 
The last 8 years shooting primarily as a wedding photographer for clients such as you 
see a variety of my architectural and  commercial advertising  work at
I personally do any editing myself  (no outside services or vendors are used for photoshop editing), 
it gives me the opportunity to review my work and improve the photography. 

I use CANON professional cameras and lenses exclusively  I always have a backup camera with me, and 3 flashes as well, you can print posters from the image files. That being said night time can pose issues such as slow shutter speeds and sometimes things can get hectic, occosionally some images will have a little motion blur, some grain from high ISO or other related night time issues, I try and minimize all of these issues as best as I can, I'll will work hard for will agree after you work with me!  RAIN WEATHER WIND HEAT can also all happen in Vegas, heat and wind being the most common, bring some water, comfy shoes (flats) in a bag for later when your feet become sore, plan approprietly.

(Where I live for the last few years) Pahrump, NV  is a rural community about 55 minutes out of Las Vegas via freeway, Pahrump is famous for the legal Brothels & "Chicken Ranches" I drive into Vegas about 3 to 7 days a week for weddings, 
we opted for a quieter country life for my wife, 2 daughters and  I.... after 23 years of living in the Las Vegas valley.

I always try to check in with my wedding clients a couple days before the wedding and also on the day of,  I either send a text message or call your hotel room, check in beforehand let you know Im On My Way! or I'll Be There! 
please feel free to check in with me as well! also the more info you share with me THE BETTER (whats the groom and brides names!) a cell phone number, perhaps a hotel that you are staying at (let me know what name you are staying under) etc...

If you never solidified a booking with me, please don't expect me to be there on the day of your wedding, as it's a long drive for me going off some  inquiry from last year etc...... I make every attempt to keep up with my clients changes and plans, sometime the wedding party forgets to actually book me! they talk but don't book...then they are like WHERES PAUL? last second... (this happened 3 times in the last 5 years) please check in with me a couple weeks prior to your make sure we are on the same page...booked and that I have your details and information, I get from 1 to 10 leads per day, phone calls, emails and texts...things can get confused sometimes so lets both keep up with making sure your day is planned and goes smoothly! no suprises for either of us! ;-) Many times I will tell people "I currently have that date and or time available"..that is not a solid booking though, so be sure to lock in a date and time with me as soon as you possibly know and are all set and decided......if I get other inquiries for teh same date and time I do try and check with the 1rst person that contacted me to gove them seom priority since they were 1rst....
I'm a man of my word....No Contracts necessary!! 99% are no contract shoots

but if you prefer one ,I can send you our standard contract with your details via email

Cancellations, please let me know about the changes or cancellation, if possoble,  at-least 2 hours prior to the time you booked me so I don't waste the one hour drive into Vegas, I wont get mad for you cancelling, I'd much rather get a phone call than drive 2 hours roundtrip plus gas and wait 45 minutees somewhere calling you in vain.  You don't owe me anything, except common courtesy, THANK YOU in adavance for that 

Call friendly photographer Paul Cichocki @ (702) 274-0162 or email me
Paul with JourneyPaul & Emmitt SmithPaul with Bill Engvall
I met Journey at the HardRock in the suite with the Bowling alley in it...I was shooting for Bacardi at the time
Emmet Smith is a great dude, I saw he didn't have a drink, so I grabbed him one from the bar, this was for Texas Instruments DLP
Bill Engvall was hilarious and super nice, he entertained at a corporate function I shoot every year for...

Shaq was super cool! shot for Enlyten a MLM Company

Cal Ripken was very at a  Charity event for UNLV

Sir Anthony Hopkins, an extremely taleneted and sweet man...I shot his art showing and sales at a Las Vegas Gallery, he sold ALOT of art that night!

Nicest celeb ever!

Click to view video (youtube video) slideshow of 250 images in 2 minutes....set to music

Below are some examples of my work along with some of the creative effects I add to some choice images, I always keep the original image intact, the images with effects are duplicates
so you would have the original image along with several duplicate images, with creative effects.

all of these images are as shot jpegs no enhancements whats oever    on camera fill flash with side flash, bounce light... Budget wedding package

Daytime full sun Golf course wedding

Side lighted with portable flash, actual sunset, blur added to highlight couple                                Standard image at sunset

std image lighted with on camera flash and 2 side flashes

Soft FX added using photoshop                                                                                   Grooms complection touched up

a Quick Group shot of all of the guests at a Caesars  Garden wedding                                                                      some candids from the reception

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Affordable Las Vegas Wedding Photography by Paul C

Affordable Las Vegas Wedding PhotographyAffordable Las Vegas Wedding Photography